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Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth, Vol 2

Scientists linked to the Institute for construction study have accomplished an eight-year study venture referred to as cost, or Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth.

For over 100 years, evolutionists have insisted that the earth is billions of years outdated, and feature arrogantly disregarded any perspectives opposite to this trust. even if, the staff of 7 construction scientists have stumbled on marvelous actual facts that helps what the Bible says concerning the younger age of the earth.

Learn approximately their discoveries and discover the clinical proof that helps biblical truth!

Volume 1:
The fee e-book is a definitive source on radioactive courting for each scientist's library, no matter if evolutionist or creationist. It examines radioisotope idea, exposes its plaguing difficulties, and provides a greater replacement. 676 pages.

Volume 2:
The age of the earth is a crucial factor in Christianity this present day. If the 6 day Genesis account is incorrect, then how can the remainder of Scripture be relied upon? Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth: result of a Young-Earth Creationist learn Initiative addresses the problems raised via the 1st price technical ebook in 2000. 818 pages.

Audience: Technical Retail cost: $129. ninety nine.

The MacArthur Daily Bible: Read the Bible in One Year, with Notes from John MacArthur

Take a journey during the Bible with pastor-teacher John MacArthur - unleashing God's fact, one verse at a time. TM The MacArthur day-by-day Bible takes a component of the outdated testomony, New testomony, Psalms, and Proverbs for every day of the 12 months, with day-by-day reviews that advisor and let you know as you learn during the Bible in a yr.

The bearing of recent discovery on the trustworthiness of the New Testament

In 1911 Mr. James Sprunt of Wilmington, North Carolina, gave to the Trustees of Union Theological Seminary in Virginia the sum of 30,000 funds for the aim of creating a perpetual lectureship which might allow the establishment to safe at times the prone of exclusive ministers and authoritative students outdoor the average college as precise teachers on topics attached with numerous departments of Christian idea and Christian paintings.

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