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By Edward Quinn

In transparent, non-technical language, this dictionary of greater than 1,000 literary phrases and subject matters takes an elevated view of the time period "literary." This publication offers readers not just a conventional literary vocabulary, but in addition the information of comparable theoretical, ancient, and cultural phrases they wish within the interdisciplinary international of latest literary reports. New entries comprise: conventional literary phrases and issues, equivalent to individualism, skepticism, and the Odysseus/Ulysses topic; literary issues that experience develop into more and more well known in recent times, resembling terrorism and felony literature; and matters perennially well known between writers, akin to alcoholism, baseball, and vampirism. gains contain: clean definitions and examples of ordinary literary and comparable phrases corresponding to meter, antagonist, and New feedback; essays on significant topics in literature corresponding to evil, energy, love, demise, time, and extra; phrases on the topic of multicultural and feminist literature; significant modern theoretical phrases, with transparent definitions and examples; tradition phrases from movie, tv, psychology, heritage, and different fields with regards to literature; references for additional examining; and huge cross-references

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Eliot cited it as a source of The Waste Land (1922). The second great influence of anthropology on literary study has been STRUCTURALISM, specifically the work of the French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss. Lévi-Strauss’s study of primitive society, in which he noted the universal tendency to classify and order according to some principle—for example, the contrast between raw and cooked (The Raw and the Cooked, 1964)—provided one of the key elements of structuralism for literary critics, the notion of BINARY OPPOSITION as basic to human thought.

Anglo Norman In English literature, the period following the Norman invasion of England in 1066 until the middle of the 14th century. Most of the literature of the period was either in Latin or in the Norman dialect of French. Among important works were Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia Regum Britanniae (History 25 ANGLO SAXON of the Kings of England, c. 1135), part legend, part history, an important source of material relating to King Arthur, and the Ancrene Riwle (Rule for Anchoresses, c. 1200) for young women preparing to enter the cloister.

The Nativists—later to emerge as the Know Nothing Movement—seized upon the feud to make it an “American” issue. They claimed that Macready was a symbol of English arrogance and snobbery. One of the ringleaders in this effort was E. Z. C. Judson, better known then, and now, as Ned Buntline, one of the originators of the DIME NOVEL and the creator of the legend of Buffalo Bill. Buntline and Tammany Hall politicians organized a demonstration to take place at the “aristocratic” Astor Place opera house recently constructed in a neighborhood made fashionable by the presence of John Jacob Astor’s residence nearby.

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