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By Peter Petro

A survey of the historical past of Slovak literature from the center a long time to the current. The medieval, Renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, realist and smooth sessions are highlighted as are contributions of writers like Hronsky, Kollar, Papanek, Rufus, Safarik, Transovshy, Tatarka and Zaborsky.

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His texts on the history, geography, economy, geology, genealogy, and languages of Hungary are milestones in these disciplines. The culmination of his scientific career was the vast Notitia Hungarian novae historico-geographica (Historical and geographical knowledge about the new Hungary, 1735-42), of which only four volumes were ever published, describing the historical, political, administrative, ethnographical, and natural-scientific characteristics and features of some regions of the kingdom, including Bratislava, Zvolen, and Liptov.

Juraj Palkovic, and the other builders of the national revival. This new linguistic reality led to a revived interest in the Great Moravian Empire. That Great Moravia had been the most powerful state east of the Prankish Empire, that the first Slavic literature had appeared there, and that the disciples of saints Cyril and Methodius had brought Christianity and education to other Slavs led not only to a sense of pride, but also to the realization that Slovaks were a part of the greater Slav family.

But KraTova Hol'a has been endowed with a special cachet, which it did not have before Janosik. A frustrated passion for justice (which made Gavlovic's blood boil, as he inveighed against injustices) made him an avenging angel. This is why it is important that he started his career as a seminarian: he was no savage, he knew his God, but the people needed his help ... Janosik always outsmarted his enemies. Even in death he was magnificent. Many people appreciate his pride and his disdain for death.

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