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Tween archangels and angels indicate an organi- of angels raises many questions regarding the similarity and difference between according to the tradition, into nine orders or subordinate hierarchies. them and disembodied souls. But for comparison with men, perhaps the most striking consequences of the theory of angels as bodiless in- The nine orders or ranks of angelic being are described by Dante in the Paradtso as distinct circles of love and light. Using these meta- edge and government. The comparison can be made on quite different views of the nature of phors he thus reports his vision of the heavenly hierarchy.

Metaphysic of Morals Fundamental of the Metaphysic of Morals The Critique of Practical Reason Reason Principles Practical Pref. Metaphysical and Elements of Ethics Preface Introduction to the Metaphysical Elements of Ethics With a Note on Conscience Intro. S. D. LAVOISIER, ANTOINE LAURENT (1743-1794) Elements of Chemistry 45 FOURIER, JEAN BAPTISTE JOSEPH (1768-1830) Theory of Heat 45 PREFACE, PART Analytical Theory FARADAY, MICHAEL (1791-1867) Researches in Electricity 46 of Heat Experimental Researches in Electricity HEGEL, GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH (1770-1831) The Philosophy of Right The Philosophy of History 47 INTRODUCTION, PART GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG VON (1749-1832) Faust, Parts I 48 PREFACE, INTRODUCTION, PART, paragraph, ADDITION MELVILLE, and HERMAN Moby Dic^ DEDICATION, PRELUDE, PROLOGUE, PART, Line II (1819-1882) Moby DicJ(; or, The Whale THE GREAT IDEAS 1 Author's Divisions Cited Volume Number, Author, and Titk 49 DARWIN, CHARLES (1809-1882) Origin The Origin of Species by Means of of Species Natural Selection The Descent of Man and Descent of Man Selection in Relation to Sex 50 MARX, KARL (1818-1883) Capital 50 MARX, KARL and ENGELS, FRIEDRICH Communist Manifesto 51 (1820-1895) Manifesto of the Communist Party TOLSTOY, LEO (1828-1910) War and Peace 52 BOOK, EPILOGUE DOSTOEVSKY, FYODOR MIKHAILOVICH (1821-1881) The Brothers Karamazov 53 V 54 ) BOOK, EPILOGUE JAMES, WILLIAM (1842-1910) The Psychology Principles of Psychology FREUD, SIGMUND (1856-1939) The Origin and Development of Hysteria Selected Papers on Hysteria, Chapters i-io General Introduction A General Introduction to Psycho- Analysis The Sexual Enlightenment of Beyond Children the Pleasure Principle Future Prospects of Psycho- Group Psychology Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego The Ego and the Id Analytic Therapy Inhibitions, The Psycho- Analytic Therapy " Repression The Unconscious Psycho- Andysis Wild" Psycho -Analysis tions The Obseiva- on "Wild" Psycho-Analysis Interpretation of Dreams On Narcissism Narcissism Instincts Instincts Vicissitudes and Their Symptoms, and Anxiety War and Death Times on Civilization New Thoughts for the War and Death and Its Discontents Introductory Lectures New Introductory Lectures on Psycho- Analysis THE GREAT Chapters 1-50: IDEAS: I ANGEL to LOVE Chapteri: ANGEL INTRODUCTION by a long tradition of reli- INFLUENCED gious symbolism in painting and poetry, our imagination responds to the word "angel" by picturing a winged figure robed in dazzling white and having the bodily aspect of a human of its existence; and, so considered, it functions as an hypothesis in political and economic What sort of being an angel would be can likewise serve as an hypothein the examination of a wide variety of thought.

Their existence. Whether such beings exist or not, the fact that they are conceivable has significance for theory and analysis. Those who do not believe or even the possible existnevertheless Utopias regard them as in the existence enceof fictions useful analytically in appraising ac- cepted realities. What an ideal society would be like can be considered apart from the question IT WOULD BE misleading to suppose that the is primarily a construction of the idea of angels philosophers a fiction invented for their ana- is simply their cona of supra-mundane reality, concerning ception the existence and nature of which they dispute.

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