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Книга Osprey crusade №154. Acre 1291 Osprey crusade №154. Acre 1291 Книги Исторические Автор: D.Nicolle Формат: pdf Издат.:Osprey Страниц: ninety eight Размер: forty Mb ISBN: 084176 862 five Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Серия военныхкниг Campaignот Osprey.Скачать все ссылки (162книги, 5,7Gb) на серию Osprey crusade одним файлом:

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He considered: the Irish are more powerful than I thought they were … [T]he settlement of the Irish difficulty would mean a 10% increase of war activity. The Irishmen hurt us in all kinds of ways that are not apparent in England. G. ’100 These assessments of the Irish menace were based upon a series of erroneous assumptions regarding Irish identity and influence. 101 Even if the role of IrishAmericans in the Church, the political machine and the labour movement are appreciated,102 they were in no way a united force,103 and nationalist activity on a large scale was far from the norm.

83 Concerns over the alleged anti-war activities of Irish-Americans, and their association with the enemy, were expressed in the British Government from early 1915,84 but came to the fore in the wake of the Irish nationalist Easter Rising in 1916, and in particular, the trial of the nationalist Sir Roger Casement for treason. 85 The spectre of Irish-American power was equally marked in official assessments of American opinion in the wake of the Rising. In Spring-Rice’s initial report, he voiced great concern regarding the possibility of a pro-rebellion movement among Irish-Americans.

Unless it is appreciated that ethnic groups and ethnicity were commonly perceived in this way 42 The Zionist Masquerade by foreign policy-makers, it is difficult to explain why Zionism, and only Zionism, was instinctively thought to be the key to the Jewish imagination. Similarly, the interest in Jewish power and the perceived threat of enemy influence and intrigue among Jews must be viewed in light of the wider phenomenon that has been illustrated above. This set of perceptions and context set the stage for why the myth of Jewish power came to be of significance in the war and why nationalism, in the shape of Zionism, was so readily accepted as being the means of capturing it as an asset for the British war effort.

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