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By Lieng-Huang Lee (auth.), Lieng-Huang Lee (eds.)

New applied sciences continually generate new calls for for unique fabrics for use in critical environments. The speedy advancements of aerospace industries over the past 20 years have required new fabrics to outlive severe low and high temperatures and diverse radiations. The exploration of recent power resources, e.g., sunlight and geothermal, has led us to improve new sun creditors and geothermal units. Even the quest for brand spanking new oils has demanded that we learn the corrosive atmosphere of oil fields. within the telecommunication industries, optical fibers were followed largely to exchange steel conductors. even though, not one of the optical fibers can live to tell the tale abrasion or corrosion with out the applying of a coating fabric. For microelectronics, security by way of coatings and encapsulants is deemed essential to hinder corrosion. one of many significant motives of corrosion has been proven to be water which seems to be plentiful in our earthly environments. Water can assault the majority adhesive (or sealant), the interface, or the adherend. Water may also reason delamination of coating movie, and it really is certainly the main element in inflicting cathodic or anodic corrosion. therefore, water turns into the key main issue in fixing toughness difficulties of assorted fabrics in harsh environments.

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For swelling confined to only the thickness of the membrane, the stress in the x-direction, ax, is given 13 approximately as: where cP 1 and CP2 are the volume fractions of penetrant and polymer, V1 is the molar volume of penetrant in the mixture, Xl is the Flory-Huggins solution theory parameter, P2 is the density of dry polymer, and Mc is the average molecular weight between crosslinks. This equation 34 predicts, and experiments confirm, that the effect of applied stress becomes more pronounced as the molar volume of the sorbed and diffusing penetrant becomes larger.

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