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By M. C. Flemings, R. Mehrabian (auth.), John J. Burke, Robert Mehrabian, Volker Weiss (eds.)

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Qo denotes the maximum heat flux at the center of the Gaussian heat flux distribution. See Figure 6 and equation (8) (from Reference 12). 7 x 10-4sec from Figure 7 and z = ~33~m and z = 112~m from Figure 15, respectively. Similar information can also be obtained from these two figures for any T(O,O) temperature between TM and Tv • While the data plotted in Figure 7 can be used for any substrate material, the curve in Figure 15 is specifically calculated for an aluminum substrate. Similar curves can readily be generated 42 R.

R" 0 +- +a +r Relationship between uniform and Gaussian absorbed heat fluxes when the total power absorbed over the circular region is identical. ~ denotes the absorbed heat flux while a is the radius ·of the circu1ar region. (from Reference 12). Two important criter1a were deduced, from the computer heat flow ca1culations (12), for the surface me1ting of a semi-1nf1n1te substrate subjected to a uniform heat f1ux ~ over a c1rcu1ar region of radius a on its bound1ng surface. F1rst, it was shown that the product ~-shou1d exceed spec1f1c va1ues, g1ven by the fo110w1ng expression, if surface me1t1ng 1s to be 1nit1ated and the center of the circu1ar region is to reach a given temperature up to the vaporization temperature of the substrate: (9) 30 R.

H. KEAR ET AL. 46 processing (20-22), pulse annealing (23, 24), and laser-assisted machining (25). Although no commercial applications have as yet been realized, the potential is clearly there, so that it is only a matter of time before these processes find their way into industry. At the present time, laser processing research is expanding rapidly into new areas such as atomization and controlled surface reactions. The future therefore, appears to hold great promise for a rising tide of successful applications for lasers in material processing tasks.

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