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By Patricia Dixon

African American Relationships, Marriages, and households is a traditionally and culturally headquartered textual content designed for dating, marriage and relatives educators and therapists who paintings with African American singles and undefined. whole with quite a few workouts, the ebook is helping singles and elevate their self-awareness, companion wisdom and recognize, and appreciation for distinction. It additionally is helping foster potent conversation and clash solution abilities, exhibiting readers find out how to advance and hold fit relationships, marriages, and households. No floor is left exposed in Dixon’s considerate and thought of research.

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In addition, as with the 19th Century women’s movement, there was little, if any, focus on women of African descent, other women of color, and working-class White women who were suffering from more pernicious forms of race and class oppression. It was believed by many African American women that the feminist movement focused on suburbia, middle-class White women who were “bored” with being at home and who wanted meaningful work outside the home (­Giddings, 1984, p. 299). A critical question that was asked was who would be called in to take care of the children of White women while they were out self-actualizing (hooks, 1991)?

This marked the end of reconstruction. What did the end of reconstruction mean for African Americans? It meant that without the support of the federal government, Black codes were reenacted and many of the programs that had been initiated during the reconstruction periods were dismantled. ” Then in 1896 came the Plessy vs.  This means that there were vast inequalities in social, as well as in political and economic arenas. African Americans also underwent vicious and brutal attacks through lynchings and other forms of terrorism.

B. Dubois (2004) provided a vivid description of the chaos and confusion that gripped the South during the Civil War, as African Americans left plantations and sought refuge in army camps. They came at night, when the flickering camp fires of the blue hosts shone like vast unsteady stars along the black horizon: old men, and thin, with gray and tufted hair; women with frightened eyes, dragging whimpering, hungry children; men and girls, stalwart and gaunt— a horde of starving vagabonds, homeless, helpless, and pitiable in their dark distress.

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