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By Jim Haskins, Kathleen Benson

BLACK STARSMeet the black non secular leaders who helpedshape the African American experience--from colonial to trendy instances* Absalom Jones* Richard Allen* Jarena Lee* Lemuel Haynes* Peter Williams Sr.* Peter Williams Jr.* John Marrant* Denmark Vesey* Sojourner fact* Nat Turner* Maria Stewart* John Jasper* Alexander Crummell* Henry Highland Garnett* Henry McNeal Turner* Richard Henry Boyd* Bishop C. M. "Sweet Daddy" Grace* Vernon Johns* Elijah Muhammad* Howard Thurman* Adam Clayton Powell Jr.* Joseph E. Lowery* Malcolm X* Martin Luther King Jr.* Andrew J. younger* James L. Bevel* John Lewis* Prathia corridor Wynn* Jesse L. Jackson* Vashti Murphy McKenzie* Fredrick J. Streets* Al Sharpton* Renita J. Weems* T. D. Jakes

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Once Isabella decided that she understood God’s truth, she became an inspirational preacher. A white traveling Methodist teacher named Miss Gear persuaded Isabella to accompany her on her travels, so Isabella left her home county in 1829, when she was about thirty-two years old. Not long afterward, she met and was inspired by a religious reformer named Elijah Pierson. He taught that believers should obey the laws of the Old Testament. He held services in his house, which was sometimes called the Kingdom, and attracted a small group of followers.

He was certain he’d been given a message that it was time to overthrow the whites. Finally, in February 1831, he had yet another vision. A voice told him to arise and prepare himself to slay his enemies with their own weapons. Nat took his time. Slowly, he confided his intentions to a few of the other slaves, who agreed to assist him in carrying out a plan to kill the Travis family and as many other slave-owning families as they could. They spread the word to slaves they trusted on nearby farms and met secretly in the woods to plot their mission.

Alexander grew up in a household where men like John B. Russworm, the first black doctor, Samuel Cornish, a minister and abolitionist, and other prominent blacks were frequent visitors. Unlike most African Americans at the time, the Crummell family belonged to the Episcopal Church. Alexander Crummell attended the city’s First African Free School. His classmates included Ira Aldridge, who would go on to become a noted actor, and Henry Highland Garnett, who had been born a slave in the South but moved to the North with his family.

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