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By Lorenzo Rinelli

The means of migration keep watch over mirrors the trajectories of the folks who traverse nationwide obstacles, making today’s borders versatile and fluid.

This ebook explores the transformation of migration keep an eye on within the submit Sept. 11 period. It seems to be at how border controls became extra diffuse within the face of elevated human flows from Africa and offers a serious research of the dispositif of ecu migration regulate, together with detention with out trial, derogation of human rights legislations, torture, "extraordinary rendition", the curtailment of civil liberties and the securitization of migration. by way of reading the function of Gaddafi’s Libya within the final ten years as a gendarme of Europe, it argues for a re-visioning of borders and frontiers in ways in which can account for his or her dialectical nature, and for the dialectical nature of political life.

This textual content should be of key curiosity to students and scholars of eu stories, African stories, safety reports, diplomacy, international reports, comparative politics, cultural geography, migration reviews and border theory.

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As a matter of fact, notwithstanding the force of international agreements, member states reserve the right to temporarily reintroduce controls at their internal borders when there is a serious threat to public policy or internal security triggered by special events such as the Olympic Games. 3 Recently in May€2011, the leaders of France and Italy asked to revise the Treaty of Schengen. The problem, as they explained it, was that over a thousand Tunisians were traveling with temporary visas issued in Italy: “the situation concerning migration in the Mediterranean could rapidly transform into a crisis that would undermine the trust that our compatriots have in the [principle] of freedom of travel within Schengen” (Anonymous 2011a).

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