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By Yekutiel Gershoni

Between the tip of the 19th century and the outbreak of global battle 2, Africans displaced through colonial rule created an African-American delusion - a delusion which aggrandized the existence and attainments of African american citizens regardless of complete wisdom of the discrimination to which they have been subjected. the parable supplied Africans in all components of the continent with a lot wanted succour and underpinned a number of spiritual, academic, political and social versions according to the event of African american citizens wherein Africans sought to raised their very own lives.

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For many Africans Garvey and the Black Star Line were symbols of African pride, freedom and independence. Garvey never realized his dreams. He never generated a mass back-toAfrica exodus; no black-ruled African republic was established during his lifetime; and the Black Star Line proved an economic disaster. In 1921 he was accused of mail fraud in the United States; two years later he was tried and imprisoned, and in December 1927 he was deported. His political schemes and aspirations, as well as his grandiosity and flamboyance, provoked vigorous opposition among both blacks and whites in the United States and, as we shall see in Chapter 4, among Africans as well.

This is only one of White's many meetings with Africans who had never before set eyes on black Americans. E. Church, and great surprise was shown when told that there were black bishops. ' 79 Bishop Wright similarly describes the responses of Africans whom he met on the streets of Cape Town: 'In fact I was struck by the unusual courtesy shown to me. Of course, I wore a clergyman's collar, purple rabat, which is worn only by the bishops and indicated that I was, perhaps the only colored bishop in town.

He received an education in an integrated school and, until he became disillusioned with whites, attended an integrated church. As a young man, he earned his living as a printer and, later on, as a correspondent. 117 Garvey extended Booker T. Washington's dictum of black self-help from the educational to the political realm. More radical, more militant, and more separatist than Washington and other black American leaders of his time, he rejected the white world with which he had rubbed elbows in his youth.

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