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By Sophie Littlefield

Awakening in a bleak panorama as scarred as her physique, Cass buck vaguely remembers surviving whatever poor. Having no notion what number weeks have handed, she slowly realizes the frightening fact: Ruthie has vanished.And along with her, the vast majority of civilization.Where once-lush hills carried vehicles and trade, the roads this day see basically cannibalistic Beaters—people grew to become hungry for human flesh through a central authority scan long gone wrong.In a damaged, barren California, Cass will suffer a harrowing quest to get Ruthie again. Few humans belief an intruder, not to mention a lady who turned a zombie and one way or the other became again, yet she unearths support from an enigmatic outlaw, Smoke. Smoke is her savior, and her safety.For the Beaters are out there.And the people grip at survival with their set off arms. specially after they research that she and Ruthie became the main feared, and wanted, of guns in a courageous new world….

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Cass stayed to the edge of the cracked pavement of what had been Highway 161, weaving around the occasional abandoned car, forcing herself not to look inside. You never knew what you would see. Often nothing, but…it was just better not to look. Chunks of the asphalt had been pushed aside by squat kaysev plants that had managed to root in the cracks. Past the shoulder great drifts of it grew, the dark glossy leaves hiding clusters of pods. The plants were smooth-stemmed without burrs or thorns. Walking among them was not difficult.

Where else would she go? She couldn’t leave Silva, not without Ruthie. But as the world fell apart—as famine crippled Africa and South Asia, as one G8 capital after another fell to panic and riots in the wake of random airbursts, as China went dark and Australia mined its shores—Mim and Byrn held on all the tighter to their granddaughter. Cass had no detailed plan, only to wait until there were no more police, no sheriffs, no social workers, no one willing to come when Mim and Byrn called them to block Cass from seeing her daughter or even setting foot on their property.

The blueleaf took root, an occasional low-growing and stunted patch among the healthy kaysev. At first no one noticed. By the time anyone made the connection, it was too late for the first wave of the infected. Detection wasn’t the only problem. The early stage of the disease didn’t hint at what the victim would ultimately become—it hid its curse in a cloak of sensual delirium. First came the fever, of course—and that felled thirty percent of the infected, mostly the very young and the old. But if you survived that, you felt so fucking good.

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