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Okay,” I said. “Let’s get back to those times when she can’t be awakened. ” “No, there are no words. Just a terrible . . ” Wince. ” “You’re describing something called night terrors,” I said. “They’re not nightmares, which take place— as do all dreams— during light sleep. Night terrors occur when the sleeper arouses too quickly from deep sleep. Rudely awakened, so to speak. html wetting. ” “Four or five times a week. ” Shake of the head. ” “On the contrary,” he said. ” “Only to tell her— once or twice— that young ladies need to be careful about their personal hygiene.

Delaware,” she said, starting to giggle. ” ••• She continued to get better more rapidly than science could explain. Leapfrogging over my clinical games plans. Healing herself. Magic, one of my wiser supervisors had once said. Sometimes they’ll get better and you won’t know why. Before you’ve even started doing what you think is so goddam clever and hotshot scientific. Don’t fight it. Just put it down to magic. It’s as good an explanation as any. She made me feel magical. We never got into the topics I’d thought essential to explore: death, injury, loneliness.

A brief appearance by the victim, bandaged and sobbing. Testimony by medical experts to the effect that her face would be scarred permanently. ” The prosecution produced a taped confession that the defense tried unsuccessfully to challenge. The tape was played in open court: McCloskey tearfully admitting to hiring Findlay to maim Gina Prince but refusing to explain why. The defense didn’t dispute the facts but attempted an insanity defense, which was hampered by McCloskey’s refusal to talk to the hired-gun psychiatrists.

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