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By Bennett Cerf, Doug Anderson

This booklet comprises choice of tales, poems, scenes, parodies and feuds lovingly compiled fortunately intermingles the easiest humor of contemporary years with a couple of rib-ticklers from the previous.

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He lets it be known that there is no place to match the seat of his origin; indeed, he seems surprised or amused that people in other South as Virginians, in the places are so much like people. " man where he comes the animal that most closely resembles a it is said that you should never ask from. " These are not as tell a you. If he's not don't em- extreme cases as they might seem. It was recorded a decade ago that a boy who lived on Martha's Vineyard, an island off the Massachusetts coast, was assigned the problem in school of writing a composition about the then Duce of Italy.

On the way to his hotel he met a man carrying a large fish. " he asked. "Red snapper," said the fisherman. in "For five dollars It it's not," said Anderson. " said sold, and it was final. the fisherman, tossing it down on a block. "No jokes in the morning," said the buyer. "You've been fishing these waters for years and you ought to know. " "Never mind that," said the fisherman. " red snapper," said the merchant. " Anderson handed over the $5 bill. "You know cursed well it 18 Corey Ford • "You win," he kind of said, "but it was still a good bet.

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