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In Restraint of Trade: The business campaign against competition, 1918-1938

This very important examine by means of Butler Shaffer-professor of legislations and economist-will swap how you give some thought to the connection among the nation and company. It makes a deep inquiry into the attitudes of industrial leaders towards festival throughout the years 1918 via 1938 to work out how these attitudes have been translated into proposals for controlling festival, via political equipment less than the course of alternate institutions.

Encyclopedia of Quantitative Finance

"What in the beginning seemed like an most unlikely venture has develop into an impressive success, stretching from the theoretical foundations to the newest innovative tools. Mille bravos! "—Dr Bruno Dupire (Bloomberg L. P. )The Encyclopedia of Quantitative Finance is a tremendous reference paintings designed to supply a accomplished assurance of crucial themes regarding the quantitative modelling of economic markets, with authoritative contributions from top teachers and execs.

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Journal Jr. M. Quarterly payments of interest or dividends in June, September, December, and March Jt. Joint Jun. l. Knocked down in less than carload lots Kg Kilogram KPI Key performance indicator Kw Kilowatt Kwh Kilowatt hour L/A Letter of authority L. , l. & d. b. l. Less than carload LDC Less developed country LCM Lower of cost of market Ld. Gt. Land grant Led. F. Ledger folio LIBID London interbank bid rate LIBOR London Interbank Offering Rate LIFO Last in, first out LIMEAN London interbank median average rate LM Liability management Ln.

R. A. Policy proof of interest, full interest admitted PPP Purchasing power parity Prem. Premium Pres. Presentation, president Pr. Ln. Prior lien Pro. Protest Prox. Proximo PSA Principal supervisory agent PSBR Public sector borrowing requirement PSC Personal service corporation PT Point Pts. Participating Pt. Pd. V. , Qtr. Quarter R/A Refer to acceptor RAM Reverse annuity mortgage RAN Revenue Anticipation note R&D Research and development RAP Regulatory account procedures RB Relationship banking Rcd.

S. Purchase and sale Part. Participating Payt. c. Percent, price current, petty cash PCPS Private Companies Practice Section PCs. D. Post dated P/E Price/earnings ratio PEFCO Private export funding corporation PEPS Primary earnings per share Per cap. Per capita PERLS Principal exchange-rate-linked security Per Pro. Per procuration Perp. Perpetual PERT Program evaluation review technique Pf. of Pfd. f. Pro forma PHC Personal holding company PHIL. Philadelphia Exchange PIK Payment-in-kind (preferred stock) PIN Personal identification number PIP Personal identification project PITI Principal, interest, taxes, and insurance Pkgs.

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